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"Experts have explained in detail why the Medicare bidding program is flawed, and the problems are growing each passing day."

Homecare advocates are hearing about delays, equipment shortages, and contractors refusing services in bid areas around the country.

"In small towns and rural areas, there is often only one provider of home medical equipment."

What happens to patients if they close?

"One example of what providers are facing: Oxygen rates in the Mideast will be reduced by 49%."

How can a small business in a rural area be expected to slash its rates by over 40 percent and survive?

"Providers in rural areas will be hit with these drastic payment cuts, without the possibility of an increase in volume of business."

Yet CMS is planning to expand this program and apply competitive bidding rates to small towns and rural areas starting in January of 2016.

"Applying bid rates will result an average price reduction of 45 percent in rural areas."

Where small businesses do not have the benefit of exclusive contracts or a chance to increase the volume of business.

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